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Random Payment Gateway

This is a great module for those who are using many different payment gateways on their website at the same time. Random Payment Gateway will help you with managing your payment limits through each of the gateway.

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Automated Domain List

This system improvement will change the way you present your available domains to clients forever. Thanks to this improvement, you can now automatically create a custom page with all of your available domains listed just for the Client convenience.

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Newsletter Module

Our module will allow you to create and manage multiple Newsletters for your Clients and people who are interested in your products.

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Product Description Module

This time we have prepared a module that will improve invoices in WHMCS. While we have big plans related to this module, current version contains only one but extremely useful improvement.

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Invoice Backup Module

Whether you want to feel a bit safer of need a tool that will prepare invoices for printing, our module will be perfect for you. Invoice Backup Module creates a backup of all your invoices since last package.

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About Customer Questionnaire Module

Customer Questionnaire Module Will allow you to to gather the information you need by making quick and simple questionnaires that your Clients will be able to answer. Thanks to this module you will be able to analyse the information you get from them by looking into statistics shown in form of graphs.

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About Staff Notification

This module uses simple popup windows to display messages, this way it is impossible to miss them and your employees will not need to visit dashboard or any other section of the system just to see if there are new messages

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rder Verification Module
About Order Verification Module

Order Verification Addon For WHMCS gives you the tool to properly verify your clients and prevent users from using fake email addresses or the one that does not belong to them.

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