About Order Verification

Order Verification Addon For WHMCS

Gives you the tool to properly verify your clients and prevent users from using fake email addresses or the one that does not belong to them. Unlike other products of this sort, our Email Verification addon prevents user from making any purchase before the address has been verified as during the process the client will be redirected to another page where he needs to input the code that was sent to him.

About Order Verification Module

Lenght, type and duration of this code can be changed, and if client does not make it in time he can always resend the code. On top of that, you as an administrator will have easy to use tool that will allow you to manually verify or unverify client as well as resend the verification code. This additional level of protection ensures that your clients have typed correct email addres and they will receive the service thay bought.


Client Area Verification

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the main purpose of the module is to ensure your Clients use the correct email address. Whole system works in very simple but effective way. During order process, just before checkout Client is redirected to custom page where he needs to input a verification code that has been sent to his email address.

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