About Customer Questionnaire Module

Customer Questionnaire Module For WHMCS

Customer Questionnaire Module Will allow you to to gather the information you need by making quick and simple questionnaires that your Clients will be able to answer. Thanks to this module you will be able to analyse the information you get from them by looking into statistics shown in form of graphs.

About Customer Questionnaire Module

Once activated and the questionnaire has been created the clients upon visiting the system will be greeted by the information that a short questionnaire is available for them. The text of greeting is completely customizable and if Client decides to not take part in questionnaire he will not be bothered by it any more.


Customer Questionnaire

Now since we have it activated and it is working nicely, it would be a good idea to know what other tools do you have at your disposal. To do that we will need to go to the management section in 'Addon' -> 'Customer Questionnaire Module'.

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