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Virtual Servers provide the flexibility to run your business applications precisely and as you see fit. Add and remove servers when necessary to cope with the peaks and drops in your traffic demands, while aligning cost and revenue goals. Our Virtual Servers are reliable, affordable and loaded with fast storage for maximum performance and redundancy. Let us handle the hosting layer so you are free to focus on your customers and products

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Whether you’re a first-time website owner or an experienced programmer, these web hosting providers make it easy and affordable to set up your site.

CPU 1 Core
Disk SSD 10 GB
IPv4 1
Domain 1
Bandwidth 20 GB
Network Speed Unlimited
Disk Space VIRITO
Backup YES
Managed by Admin YES
IP Pool United Kingdom
personal advancec business gaming windows vps server

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Whether you’re a first-time website owner or an experienced programmer, these web hosting providers make it easy and affordable to set up your site.

CPU 2 Core
Disk SSD 40 GB
IPv4 1
Domain 1
Bandwidth 50 GB
Network Speed Unlimited
Disk Space VIRITO
Backup YES
Managed by Admin YES
IP Pool United Kingdom
personal advancec business gaming windows vps server

Every Feature Your
Site Could Ask For

Whether you’re a blogger, small-business owner, web designer, or developer, WEB Frigate makes it easy to start your online journey off on the right foot. Our shared web hosting solutions are an easy-as-pie way to get a great website up and running. Plus, with so many robust features — we throw in a domain, SSL certificate, professional email address, and privacy protection for free — Shared Hosting gives you everything you need to succeed online (without breaking the bank).


Fast enterprise-grade SSD or NVMe storage delivers maximum performance and reliability for your virtual servers.


Manage your infrastructure resources simply with our API, command line or the THG Hosting Control Panel.


A robust and proactively monitored platform that is hosted in secure data centres.


Adapt on-demand to your business needs, to start-up or shut-down servers when required.

Guaranteed stability

With 99.999% uptime you always get reliable, consistent performance levels, with no impact from other users.

UK data centres

Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified, keeping your data safe and secured with low levels of latency.

Full Root Level Access

Take full control of your servers and manage them as you see fit. With root access, there are no limits to what you can do with your servers.

Choice of OS

Whether you require Linux or Windows, we have a range of operating systems to suit almost any application.

Web Geniuses — At Your Service
We're Always Here to Help...

We know there’s a learning curve when it comes to setting up a website, especially if it’s your first time making a site. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make sure we’re there for you when you need it. Whether you’ve got a simple question about your hosting account or need extra assistance wrangling a domain registration, we can help. Equipped with more than 20 years of web hosting know-how and a friendly, pro-level support team, the answers to your questions are only a click away.

web geniuses at your service
Comprehensive Knowledge Base

We’ve gathered years of web hosting FAQs into a massive, searchable archive — just for you! Thanks to continual updates, relevant answers are always easy to find.

100% In-House

Outsourcing customer service? Not our thing. Our experts take your concerns as seriously you do, diligently providing personalized solutions.

24/7 Availability

Whether you’re running an online store or managing a blog, it’s important that you can get help — day or night. That’s why WEB Frigate support is always available.

Email or Chat

WEB Frigate’s award-winning support team is just a few clicks away! Submit a request for your issue or start a live chat (9:00AM – 8PM GMT - London) — we’re here to help you out.

Why WEB Frigate?

Looking for a place to house your site? As an industry leader (1.5 million websites have already chosen WEB Frigate), we're ready to be your website's Shared Hosting provider and power your success. Because you need top-of-the-line tech, made-for-you options, and experts who really know their stuff, we make it possible for you to get online, own your virtual presence, and reach your website dreams. It's not only in our name — it's our creed.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not totally satisfied with WEB Frigate services? While we believe you’ll fall in love with what we do, we understand that sometimes things just don’t work out. Whatever the reason*, shared hosting customers can receive a prompt refund if they cancel within the first 97 days after signing up, and DreamPress customers can cancel within 30 days — no need to jump through hoops or dig through obscure fine print. That’s our money-back guarantee policy. *Aside from disablement for Terms of Service or Spam Policy violations.

Employee Owned

Being employee-owned keeps us focused on the unique needs of our users, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We're committed to helping everyone find success online.

In-House Experts

We mean it when we say there are no dumb questions. No matter what you want to know or what you need help with, our in-house geek squad gives you the support you need. Burning the midnight oil and hit a roadblock? We'll work through it with you. Want to know your upgrade options? Chat with us. Our in-house, friendly hosting gurus are always available to offer you — our WEB Frigate family — solutions based on pro-level knowledge. No matter the problem or hour, we're here for you.

Supporting Open Source

We believe in collaboration. In fact, we're obsessed with it. We enthusiastically cheerlead the open-source movement. Because we believe in providing open-source solutions to our customers whenever possible, we actively champion WordPress (and have for more than a decade) by contributing to the platform's code, sponsoring WordCamp events, and creating helpful resources for the WordPress community. We’ve even built an optimized hosting environment and software specific to the platform. Open source is in our DNA — and always will be.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let's break it down. The basics: you want a website. You've got great ideas for content, a vision board describing your site's mood, and even a wishlist for additional functions you want for your website. But how exactly do you get your site online? That's where hosting comes in. Your website needs a hosting provider to get it up on the web and publicly available to visit. Web hosts are companies that provide the server space necessary to store your website. As web traffic attempts to access your site, the necessary data is transmitted from the server to the visitors' device. Web hosting providers do, however, differ in the variety of plan types and options they offer. So having a quality web host is crucial.
Just getting started? With a Starter Shared plan, you can host one website — a great place to begin! If you're looking to manage a handful of sites, a Shared Unlimited plan allows you to host any number of websites (we say unlimited and we mean it!). Whatever flexibility you need, WEB Frigate offers it.
Whether you're building your business or your brand (or both), you want to put your best foot forward. An exclusive email tied to your domain can give you a professional edge as you work to grow your website. With WEB Frigate's Shared Unlimited plan, you get a dedicated email @ your domain. Additionally, WEB Frigate offers paid email plans, so anybody — even Starter Shared customers — can add professional email from their domain, up to five mailboxes with 25GB of disk storage each. And hey, you don't have to pay a pretty penny for these services; they start as low as $1.67 a month!
A domain name is the unique .com (or dot whatever) address where your site can be found on the web. But in order to get your website online, you'll also need a web host to provide the server space necessary to store your site. For a fully-functional site, you need both a domain name and a good web host. Like peanut butter and jelly, they're better together. To make things simple, you can keep your needs in-house, letting one provider supply both your domain name and web hosting needs. Let WEB Frigate multitask for you — at a great price.
Totally. We know your ultimate goal is probably to grow your website over time. We want that for you! When your site's traffic reaches rush-hour levels, is overflowing with content, or simply needs more high-powered tech and features, you can upgrade to a plan with extra bells, whistles, and performance power. While Shared Hosting is a smart, budget-friendly option when you're a beginner, a content-rich and heavily-trafficked site may demand a larger-scale plan, meaning additional server space, specially-dedicated resources, advanced security, and accelerated speeds.Wondering when to upgrade? If you notice diminished site performance or lack necessary space or resources, it's time to consider bumping your site to the next level and choosing a better-fit hosting package. No matter the current size of your website, WEB Frigate offers a perfectly-matched plan. We adapt to match your needs, making upgrading easy.
We care about safety big time — and so do your site's visitors. With a Shared Hosting account, you get an SSL certificate for free to add to your site. In this day and age, having an SSL for your site is a no-brainer best practice. Not only does an SSL help your visitors feel safe interacting with your site — this is particularly important if you run an e-commerce site — but it avoids penalizations you might otherwise earn from search engines without one. No website wants an “unsafe” or “insecure” label to bruise their reputation. While a SSL certificate isn't an end-all, be-all defense against internet baddies, it's certainly a great first step in the right direction to putting your site visitors at ease.
Yep! Forget about packing up virtual boxes or worrying about a forwarding address— we'll handle the transfer tasks and make moving to WEB Frigate E-A-S-Y. By transferring your domain registration from your old provider to WEB Frigate, you can easily manage all aspects of your domain from one convenient location. See our guide to get more details about moving


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