Saturday, May 9, 2020

Product Description Module For WHMCS

This time we have prepared a module that will improve invoices in WHMCS. While we have big plans related to this module, current version contains only one but extremely useful improvement. 

Thanks to our module you will be able to automatically place product description on the invoices. You can decide yourself which products will have this enabled. This means there will be no more confusion when your Clients will want to check what product is on the invoice. For example Product X Silver does not tell much except that it is a middle package, and you can not really put too much information in the product name. But if you will place them in description your clients will an have easier time remembering what have they bought. This is of course just an example and we are sure that you will be able to find use for it, especially when it does not cost a dime and it is actively supported. Please have in mind that module has separate download file for WHMCS v6 and v7


Urgent Premium: Update 09.05.2020
  1. 1. Add editor Wysiwyg
  2. 2. TRIAL - you can ask about free Premium Trial Version for Testing
  3. 3. Fix some Bug
  4. 4. Licences Update Bug

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