Monday, May 4, 2020

Invoice Backup Module creates a backup of all your invoices since last package. This improvement uses daily cron to determine when to create package so if your cron jobs are properly configured it will create one package a day. Name of the package will be the date at which it has been generated so you will be able to find it easily.

The module will allow you to specify location at your server where the invoices will be stored, and each time the package is ready it will send email message to one address of your choice. We introduced two versions of this module:
FREE - creates a backup of your invoices. The new feature added is that you can specify whether the invoice for customer will be generated in printed version or only electronic version. This can be set up during registration or later from your profile account.
PREMIUM - you can manage your addon. In your addon panel you can add info how the invoice was delivered to your customer ( posting reference number,tracking number etc). Thanks to that you can be sure that none of your invoices will be lost.
In both Free and Premium option you can check yourself if you have the newest updated version of this module. You can also see if there are any updates, or if there will be any new features added. All those information can be found by clicking on “Updates” in module.

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