Monday, August 31, 2020

UPDATE: Version: 2.0.0 

  1. We added new feature. This gives an option for a modification of additional (secondary) menu from logged in customer side. Change of position, external links (premium), icons (premium).


We want to introduce a Menu Manager for WHMCS.


Thanks to this module you can easily manage your WHMCS menu by adding or removing menu items, change its original place, or changing menu order. It allow to override default client’s menu and edit it by drag and drop.


With Menu Manager you will be able to do lots of different actions like adding unlimited menus and sub-menu items, identifying when and to whom each item will be displayed, changing the order of menu items and many more, all of this can be done easily only with few clicks.



  • Add Unlimited Menus and Sub-menu links
  • Compatible with all WHMCS Templates
  • Compatible with Custom Templates
  • Change menu links ordering with Drag-and-Drop
  • Add additional attributes to each menu link
  • Add core system URL from categorized lists
  • Visibility Options, Choose when to display specific menu links
  • Install WHMCS default menu links with one click


  • Open external links( ex., etc) in the same window or in new window
  • Add icon to each menu item

More Information: Menu Manager

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