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About Customer Automated Domain List

Automated Domain List will allow you to automatically generate amazing looking list of domains that you can show to your Clients. The list has all the options that your clients might be looking for like advanced filtering, search engine and of course possibility to lookup and add the domain to the cart directly from the list. You as an administrator will also have an easy task configuring it. You will be able to add country and assign TLD's to it. And since the system works using conditions system, you can for example add a condition ".uk" for Great Britain which will automatically assign there all domains that include it like .uk,, etc...


Below we will explain how to properly install and configure our Customer Questionnaire Module for WHMCS starting from the basics.

  • Download The module - To get the package, log in to your Client Area and Press "Download". You can also find your licence there. You will need it later during module activation.
  • Upload the file to your main WHMCS directory and then extract it.
  • Once Extracted you will need to activate the module in your WHMCS system. To do that simply log in as an administrator, then go to 'Setup' -> 'Addon Modules'. Once there you should see a list of available modules. If everything was installed correctly then you should see among them our 'Staff Notification' module.
  • Now you need to activate and configure the module. First click 'Activate' Which will unlock 'Configure' button. In there you will need to input your licence that we have mentioned in first step, email address and select administrator groups that will be able to use the module.

And that is all. You have just successfully installed and configured your Automated Domain List Module.

WHOIS Support

Our module also supports WHOIS domain lookup since the WHMCS has limited number of supported domains. To enable this feature just open index.php file located at [Your_WHMCS_Path]/api_whois/ and change the code in line 111 to represent your domain. Once that is done you will need to click the link on the top of the file (remember to change your domain there as well). You will need to click this link each time you add new domain to the list as otherwise that domain would not have lookup support included.

Configuration and management

Now since we have it activated and it is working nicely, it would be a good idea to know what tools do you have at your disposal. To do that we will need to go to the management section in 'Addon' -> 'Automated Domain List'.

1. Countries

This is the main section of the module. In here you will be able to add new countries and assign domains to them. Aside from newly created Countries you will find three sections here that you can edit, bit not remove:

  • Premium - Here you can assign the domains that you want for all your clients to see to increase their sales. Domains assigned to this section will always be displayed on top. They can still belong and exist in other sections, but in here they will be most visible.
  • Other - This section by default includes all unassigned domains, so the ones that you do sell in your system, but do not apply to any other filtering (country, premium or nTLD). You can still assign a flag to them so that even if you forget any of them or add new ones they will be listed
  • nTLD - This section will be listed below Countries and can be used to place nTLD's here

Each other item can be both edited and removed at will

1.1. Edit/Add Country

When adding or modifying a country you will see three options:

Country - Here you will select a name of the country that you are adding
TLD - Here you can add TLD's that the country will include. Remember that when adding for example ".uk" this country will include all TLD's that you sell that include those characters i.e. "" or ""
Flag - This option allows you to upload a flag that will represent the country

2. Updat

In this section you can update the changes to the list that you have made in previous section. The list does not update automatically so you do not need to worry about it when working, changing or updating our countries. You can just do the changes and once you are done with your work click "Update Changes"

3. Settings

In this section you will be able to select a name and path for your domain list as well as the number of premium domains that will be displayed. This way you can make your list more clear for the customer by keeping the premium domains to certain number rather than covering half of the page.

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