Order Verification Addon

About Order Verification Module

Order Verification Addon For WHMCS gives you the tool to properly verify your clients and prevent users from using fake email addresses or the one that does not belong to them.

Unlike other products of this sort, our Email Verification addon prevents user from making any purchase before the address has been verified as during the process the client will be redirected to another page where he needs to input the code that was sent to him. Length, type and duration of this code can be changed, and if client does not make it in time he can always resend the code.

On top of that, you as an administrator will have easy to use tool that will allow you to manually verify or unverify client as well as resend the verification code.

This additional level of protection ensures that your clients have typed correct email address and they will receive the service they bought.


Below we will explain how to properly install and configure our Order Verification for WHMCS starting from the basics.

  1. Download The module - To get the package, log in to your Client Area and Press "Download". You can also find your licence here which you will need later during module activation.
  2. Upload the file to your main WHMCS directory and then extract it.
  3. Once Extracted you will need to activate the module in your WHMCS system. To do that simply log in as an administrator, then go to 'Setup' -> 'Addon Modules'. Once there you should see a list of available modules. If everything was installed correctly then you should see among them our 'Order Verification' module.
  4. Now you need to activate and configure the module. First click 'Activate' Which will unlock 'Configure' button. In there you will need to input your licence that we have mentioned in first step and select administrator groups that will be able to use the module.

And that is all, you have just successfully installed and configured your Order Verification Module. And it started working the moment the licence was verified.

Configuration and management

Now since we have it activated and it is working nicely, it would be a good idea to know what other tools do you have at your disposal. To do that we will need to go to the management section in 'Addon' -> 'Order Verification Addon'. There are two sections here that we will discuss.

1. Settings
This is where you will specify how the system will work for your Clients. You can find the following options here:

Validate First Checkout - This activates or deactivates whole mechanics without the need to deactivate the addon. So if you will need to turn the system off for a moment you can use this safely.

Validate again after email change - This option when selected will reset the validation of your customers if their email will change.

Access code type - This option lets you choose from what the code will be built. Only letters, only numbers or both mixed

Access code length - This lets you decide how long the verification code will be

Access Code Lifetime - This lets you define how long the access code will be viable. No worries though, both you and the Client can generate new one at any time.

2. Clients

This section displays list of all your Clients with their verification status and few actions that you can make for each Client. You can of course search for a particular user by  typing his ID, Name or email in the search bar above.

As for the mentioned actions, you can manually verify or reset (unverify) each client. If the client has already generated the code but can not find it in his mailbox, you can also generate new code for him by clicking 'Generate'

Client Area Verification

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the main purpose of the module is to ensure your Clients use the correct email address. Whole system works in very simple but effective way. During order process, just before checkout Client is redirected to custom page where he needs to input a verification code that has been sent to his email address. If he did not receive any message he can always resend the code using a button on that page. If that does not help then it might mean he made a typo in his email address. If that is not the case then remember that he can always contact administrator who can then manually verify his account if needed.
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