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Newsletter System For WHMCS as name sugests is a tool that will allow you to send newsletters to your clients and contacts. No longer will you need to look for archaic tools as now you will have everything you need inside your system. So not only you do not need to leave your system to prepare new campaign but it even has some amazing tools that you will not find anywhere else. Our goal was to make this the best newsletter system available on the market.

Please remember that number of active campaigns and messages sent per month depends on the purchased package. Available packages are:

Bronze - 2 Active campaigns simultaneously, 25 000 messages per month

Silver - 5 Active campaigns simultaneously, 150 000 messages per month

Gold - Unlimited number of Active campaigns simultaneously, Unlimited number of messages per month


Below we will explain how to properly install and configure our Newsletter System For WHMCS starting from the basics.

  • Download The module - To get the package, log in to your Client Area and Press "Download". You can also find your licence there. You will need it later during module activation.
  • Upload the file to your main WHMCS directory and then extract it.
  • Once Extracted you will need to activate the module in your WHMCS system. To do that simply log in as an administrator, then go to 'Setup' -> 'Addon Modules'. Once there you should see a list of available modules. If everything was installed correctly then you should see among them our 'Newsletter System' module.
  • Now you need to activate and configure the module. First click 'Activate' Which will unlock 'Configure' button. In there you will need to input your licence that we have mentioned in first step and select administrator groups that will be able to use the module.

And that is all. You have just successfully installed and configured your Newsletter System For WHMCS. And it started working the moment licence was verified.

Configuration and management

Now since we have it activated and it is working nicely, it would be a good idea to know what other tools do you have at your disposal. To do that we will need to go to the management section in 'Addon' -> 'Newsletter System For'.

1. Newsletter

In this tab you can create new newsletters and manage existing ones. You can also see list of your newsletters, those are simply groups of emails that can be then used in your actions. You have following actions available for each of them:

Edit - Allows you to easily modify existing newsletter

Delete - Permanently removes the newsletter template from the list

Export - Allows you to export list of addressess from existing newsletter so that you can use them later on

Verify - This action allows you to verify two existing lists of emails to look for duplicates. Once such adressess are found you can easily remove them so you no longer need to check your lists manually

Send - Send is most important action as it activates the newsletter. This will open new configuration window where you will be able to input important newsletter details.

1.1. New Newsletter

When creating new newsletter you basically prepare list of emails. As such you only need to give it a tittle and import addresses. There are three ways to do so

Import From WHMCS Clients - This will import all email addresses from your system. You can choose to exclude inactive users

Import From TXT File - This option allows you to import emails from txt file. Keep one address per line for it to work fine

Raw Input - This option allows you to paste the adressess directly in the text field. Again one address per line. This option is especially usefull if you want to quickly add few new addresses to the list

1.2. Activating Newsletter

As mentioned before, all newsletters are simply lists of addresses. To send your newsletter you need to click "Send" and fill neccesary information:

Subject - Tittle in the email message

Messages Per Hour - How many messages per hour will be sent. This is important if you are runing multiple campaigns and

Message Type - You can use message template created in the system (Point 2 in knowledgebase) or raw HTML code

SMTP Account - This field lets you choose from which SMTP account the message will be sent

Weeek Days - In here you can specify at what days the messages will be sent

Return Email Address - Here you can specify a email address for replies

Please keep in mind that if you can not click "Send" button and it is transparent it means that you have reached your limit of active campaigns

2. Messages

In this section you can create your message templates. The best part is that we have implemented elegant and easy to use text editor called TinyMCE that will help you create your perfect message. In this section you can also manage existing templates. Available actions are:

Edit - This allows you to edit existing template with ease

Duplicate - This action creates exact copy of your template, but before saving gives you option to edit it. This is especially helpfull if you need to have multiple similar messages

Delete - Permamently removes template

2. Statuses

This tab shows you your actual newsletters and their status. You have following tools at your disposal here:

Delete - Removes newsletter

Details - Shows detailed information about the action and statistics regarding the delivery

Preview Message - Allows you to see the message preview

Sending status  - In here you can check status of each addres and see if the message was delivered

3. Configuration

Arguabely most importantsection. This is where you will setup the module and all the important settings. Let us go through this section point by point:

Cron - This is the cron job that you will need to add. As mentioned in the description it is used to send emails and we recomend to run it at least once per hour

Work Hours - This is global setting for working hours of your newsletter system. Messages will be sent only in between specified time frames

Message Per Hour - Another global setting, this time for messages per hour. It is important to keep in mind that sending too many emails at once can land your IP on one of the spam lists. Usually we suggest to send no more than 200 messages per hour, otherwise despite your best intentions you could cause yourself trouble

Limits - This section shows limits of your package. If you find yourself needing higher limits you can always upgrade the package

Disabled Emails - This will open list of all disabled emails

SMTP Account - In here you can add new or edit existing SMTP accounts. Hourly limits apply to one account so if your hourly message limit is set to 200 and you have two SMTP accounts added that means you can send 400 messages per hour

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