Invoice Backup Module For WHMCS

About Invoice Backup Module

Invoice Backup Module will automatically prepare daily backup of all your invoices generated since last cron run. You can specifu path at which they will be stored so even if the WHMCS will be reinstalled or removet your invoices will be safe. On top of that the system will send you a notification on specified email address once the package has been generated.


Below we will explain how to properly install and configure our Invoice Backup Module for WHMCS starting from the basics.

  • Download The module - To get the package, log in to your Client Area and Press "Download". You can also find your licence there. You will need it later during module activation.
  • Upload the file to your main WHMCS directory and then extract it.
  • If you go to [WHMCS Path]/modules/addons/invoice_summary/Conf/ you will find conf.ini where you will need to specify where the invoices should be stored as well as who will receive the notifications
  • Once Extracted you will need to activate the module in your WHMCS system. To do that simply log in as an administrator, then go to 'Setup' -> 'Addon Modules'. Once there you should see a list of available modules. If everything was installed correctly then you should see among them our 'Invoice Backup' module.
  • Now you need to activate and configure the module. First click 'Activate' Which will unlock 'Configure' button. In there you will need to input your licence that we have mentioned in first step and select administrator groups that will be able to use the module.

And that is all. You have just successfully installed and configured your Invoice Backup Module. And it started working the moment licence was verified.


The module works using daily Cron , so the packages will be generated at the same time the cron runs. Whether you want to keep your invoices safe or just gather theam easily for printing, the module will work for you.

Please have in mind that the first package generated will include all your curently existing invoices.

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