Product Description Module For WHMCS

Product Description Module For WHMCS This time we have prepared a module that will improve invoices in WHMCS. While we have big plans related to this module, current version contains only one but extremely useful improvement.  Thanks to our module you will be able to automatically place product description on the invoices. You can decide ... Devamını Oku

May 9, 2020
Invoice Backap Module For WHMCS

Invoice Backup Module creates a backup of all your invoices since last package. This improvement uses daily cron to determine when to create package so if your cron jobs are properly configured it will create one package a day. Name of the package will be the date at which it has been generated so you will be able to find it easily. The module ... Devamını Oku

May 4, 2020
Personal VPS Servers !!!

With a VPS (Virtual Private Server) you get your own operating system and hosting environment dedicated to you, complete with unrestricted access to the operating system. This is makes VPS a great choice for when you require more control and more resources or if you no longer wish to be limited by the restrictions of a shared hosting account. More ... Devamını Oku

May 4, 2020
Profesional VPN Clients

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a mechanism for securely connecting devices or networks together, even if geographically separated. They are popular for enabling remote working from end-user devices (EUDs). This guidance provides risk owners and administrators with more generic advice than the per-platform guidance, which recommends a specific ... Devamını Oku

April 26, 2020