Saturday, December 19, 2020

HRD Integration Module.

Thanks to HRD module you can sell domains for really good price. Domains list Our module connects on the basis of API Keys.

  1. Firtst of all - you have to join Affiliate Program: you can fill in the form and register here It is simple and easy to do.

  2. Module configuration and joining the Affiliate Program:

    • After logging in to your Panel on the HRD website, you need to generate an API key and API password - Copy them as you will need them to configure it on your side.
    • Also on the HRD page in your Dashboard, you need to allow connection via API with the IP number of the server where your WHMCS is located.
    • When activating the module and Registrar on your site: WHMCS Module and "Domain Registrars" , as a Registrar you must provide the API Key, API Password and your login to the HRD system
  3. Module description. User section

    • Downloading data on an API basis. You can see all users who have purchased domains in your company through your panel at HRD.
    • Your clients who are linked are clients from your WHMCS database, after clicking on the name and e-mail address, it will transfer directly to his account on the administrator's side
    • You can also find information sucha as: is this business or personal purchase , in which country domain is registered, your client phone number or street name
  4. Domain section You can see all listed domains downloaded from API directly from HRD company. Linked domains are those which are in your WHMCS database. after clicking, it takes you directly to the management of a given domain on the side of your WHMCS. Information provided:

    • Domain Status
    • Registration date
    • Domain Expiration Date
  5. Check Update, Our Product and Promotions

    • You can check whether your module is up-to-date or requires an update.
    • Our Products - You can check what modules we have available that you do not have yet, the system checks and shows those modules created by WEB Frigate LTD, which you didn't install yet
    • Promotions - there you can check the current promotions at WEB Frigate LTD

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